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Make your Barbados vacation even more relaxing with a treatment in your villa, apartment or hotel room with fully-UK trained therapist, Carla Castagne. An honours graduate of the world-famous Tisserand Institute in London, England,

Carla specializes in deep tissue aromatherapy massage, reflexology, Indian head massage and Indian face massage also known as facial rejuvenation. She uses only her own, handmade blends, prepared in accordance with her Tisserand training in the pharmacology and effects of over 60 different essential oils.
What is aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is a truly holistic therapy using only essential oils and considering the mind, body and spirit The oils work on the following levels:
* Psychosomatic - “From the mind to the body”, making one just feel better, which can have a tremendous therapeutic effect on physical symptoms
* Physical - Through massage essential oils penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. They boost our immune system, balance hormones and are the most potent anti-bacterial agents.
* Balancing - Through massage and the subtle energies. These oils are concentrated energy carriers and messengers nourishing all life from an unseen reservoir of light.
What are the benefits of aromatherapy?
* Reduce or relieve pain related to muscular tension, strain and soreness
* Induce deep relaxation and reduce stress, strengthening the nervous system and encouraging restful sleep
* Improve blood and lymphatic circulation, reducing fluid retention and removing toxins
* Encourage balancing of hormone production and dispersal. Effective with menstrual, pregnancy and menopausal problems
* Improve digestion
* Boost the body’s natural immune system
* Restore emotional well-being,
* reducing stress, depression and anxiety
What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is pressure massage of the feet or hands in order to stimulate the reflex points and bring about a balance of the eight bodily systems so they work in harmony and unison, thereby creating optimum health and a feeling of wellbeing.
What are the benefits of Reflexology?
* Increase blood circulation
* Improve lymphatic circulation
* Aid the relief of congestion
* Offer a chance to rest

The benefits as a result of these are:

* Relaxation
* Pain relief
* Stimulation of immune system
* Improved elimination (detoxifying)
* Manipulation of the joints, muscles and ligaments of the foot
* Encouragement of the body to heal
* Psychological comfort
* Nerve stimulation
* Balance of mind, body and spirit
What is Indian head massage?
Indian head massage therapy was created in India thousands of years ago. Its deep style massage derived from the
Ayurvedic tradition that focuses on the head, shoulders and neck
What are the benefits of Indian head massage?


* General and specific relaxation for muscles
* Helps relieve tension headaches
* Loosens the scalp
* Increases circulation to the head, neck and shoulders
* Increases the supply of oxygen to the brain
* Decreases stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system
* Relaxes and soothes tense eye muscles
* Disperses toxins from tense, knotted tissues
* Increases lymphatic flow to the head, neck and shoulders
* Promotes hair growth and improves hair texture
* Relieves chronic neck, shoulders and upper back tension
* Helps with sinus and TMJ problems.


* Encourages the release of stagnant energy
* Restores the energy flow to the body
* Creates a feeling of calm and balance


* Helps relieve emotional stress and repressed feelings
* Helps with insomnia
* Boosts alertness and concentration
What is facial rejuvenation (Indian Face Massage)?
Facial rejuvenation, also called Indian face massage, is a natural face-lift through massage. It is a gentle noninvasive approach to looking younger.
Using only the pads of the fingers and mound of flesh at the base of the thumbs, the masseuse lifts and frees the
constrictions of the complex muscles of the face.

Facial rejuvenation restores skin suppleness by toning collagen and elastin fibres, gently allowing the connective tissue to regain its freedom and elasticity.
What are the benefits of facial rejuvenation?
* Lessens wrinkles and expression lines
* Releases tension of surrounding muscles
* Creates relaxed, vibrant appearance
* Tones and improves complexion
* Enhances feeling of well-being.
* Promotes total relaxation
* Eliminates or alleviates tension headaches, eyestrain and stress related symptoms.

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