Yoga Barbados

Patterns and Habits

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives” - Annie Dillard

kitty swift
As my life continues “on pause” and everyday feels like Groundhog Day, there are simple routines that give me immense pleasure and keep me out of the not grand canyon of deep depression.

I’m lucky in that I’ve never suffered with clinical depression. I have bouts of feeling low or down but rarely have they lasted longer than a day. The last six months have been a real challenge though. There have been days when the dream world was my only happy escape and I honestly didn’t wish to wake up (or would try my hardest to go back to sleep when I did).

I was existing while the days passed by. Occupying myself with caring for my husband. who had complications after major surgery to remove cancer from his body. Distracting myself by listening to the hum or the beeps of the pump feeding machine, the only way he was fed for five or six weeks, remembering to change or clean the feeding bags.

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